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Jetsam-Flotsam is a family-owned, independent record label from the Chicago suburbs specializing in all kinds of punk-rock music.


Our purpose is to support and promote musicians who are pursuing their passions by releasing their music both in digital and antiquated physical formats–namely LP, EP, cassette, and CD.


The bands we support write moving music that falls under the broad umbrella of punk-rock but, above all, are also awesome, positive people.


We are always interested in hearing good music. If you are interested in sending us something to listen to, please email us links to your music. We appreciate not sending MP3s or other files as attachments unless we ask you to, since we will probably not download them.


Be forewarned: We are like a lot of other labels in that we adopt a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” approach to taking on bands. For us, putting out records has as much to do with having the resources available to do so as it does enjoying the music. That said, don’t hesitate to send us music, especially if it falls into our sphere of interest; just don’t expect a response beyond, “I love it! Keep up the good work!”


Contact Us

Dane is pretty much the right guy to contact about anything–questions about bands, releases, submissions, publicity, distro, and pretty much whatever else you've got. You can email him at dane [at]

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