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Peroxide Blonde

New York, New York

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To hear the band tell it, Peroxide Blonde formed at the precisely wrong time. They played their first few shows just before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down live music for more than a year, though were able to release a demo before lockdown. With nothing else to do, siblings Johnny and Abigail Poppke practiced relentlessly with childhood friends Mateo De La Torre and Liam Boyle, only recording their debut single "No Reason to Pretend" when it was safe to do so. The song sparkles in a dizzy sort of darkness; wavering guitars glitter beneath a dusky disco tempo, capturing the bleak beauty of another COVID autumn.


Peroxide Blonde Is...
Johnny Poppke - Vocals and Guitar
Abigail Poppke - Bass
Mateo De La Torre - Guitar
Liam Boyle - Drums

No Reason to Pretend

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